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About aNewToy.com

Is aNewToy.com part of a big corporation, or a publicly-traded company or what exactly is it?

aNewToy.com is an independently-run website. It is not owned or operated by any corporation, big or small. It was created and is run by a small group of people in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Is aNewToy.com sponsored by advertising, and do merchants pay to get listed?

In order to remain unbiased, aNewToy.com only sells a very limited amount of advertising on its pages in the form of banners at the tops of each page and a button along the left margin. Unsold advertising inventory is allocated to our affiliate merchants.

aNewToy.com receives a small commission on most sales leads resulting from our web-site by participating in 'affiliate' plans administered by most of the listed merchants.

Does aNewToy.com sell the products directly and ship them to me?

No, we do not have a warehouse or even any of the products featured on our pages.  We simply provide you with the information on where you can buy the products online at various merchants.  To see which merchants we review for our products listings please view our Merchants page.

I don't understand the concept of "Affiliate Program."  What does this mean?

"An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant. When you join these programs, you can put links on your site."

To understand affiliate programs more, we suggest you view the LinkShare site at http://www.linkshare.com They provide a great overview of what it means to be involved in an affiliate program.

How do you choose sites? What makes you experts?

We don't claim to be experts, only experienced shoppers with a website. We have been shopping online for over ten years (charter subscribers to AOL in the 1980s using a Commodore 64 computer long before the days of 56k or even 14.4k modems). We have shopped at nearly every merchant listed in aNewToy.com.

For our reviews and ratings, we take a number of factors into account. We like to receive merchandise quickly and be able to track the order. We like liberal return policies, without restocking fees. We do not liked to be gouged with outrageous shipping and handling charges. We like low prices. We like fast-loading websites. We like sites with an abundance of information that really helps us pick products (for example, book reviews by experts and customers who read and used the book, effective suggestions of related products, etc.).
What are some of the goals and purposes of aNewToy.com?

We bring together information for internet shoppers beyond what a typical directory or internet-mall can do (see next two topics). We alert people to special savings and deals on our web-pages and via our newsletter. We try to present information in a manner that is free of profit-motivated biases.

Is aNewToy.com a directory?

We try to make aNewToy.com more than just a list of links or a directory like Yahoo! by providing more information. For example, shoppers looking for a florist in Yahoo will find listings for a hundred or more florists of all types (local, internet, etc), but there is not enough information to make a decision without looking through many of the websites. We try to bring together information like pricing, products offered, payment options, return policies, etc, which saves time and avoids frustration. Unlike the big directories, we update the information frequently and point out special sales and deals.
Is aNewToy.com an internet-mall?

aNewToy.com is not an internet-mall. Retailers pay to join internet-malls and there is nothing more than advertising. Unlike internet-malls, we try to avoid using advertising-text. Instead we provide our own accounts and opinions.
How old is aNewToy.com?

aNewToy.com was launched in June 1999.

What other websites do the aNewToy folks run?

www.low.carbfoods.com which offers convenient searches for low carb foods, life style planning, gourmet foods and alerts shoppers to current deals and online book-related events.
Although not run by the same folks as anewtoy.com, you might want to check aNewShop.com which provides a variety of merchants and reviews on their sites, products, etc.

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Do you share or sell the email addresses of people who email you?

Absolutely not! Never have, never will. We keep all email addresses private and do not ask for any personal information.
This page was last updated: July 24, 2009